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Acheron: A history of the district
shown on the left was released on 15th of June 2014 at the Acheron Community Hall's Centenary celebrations.

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The book is 280 x 205mm, 250 pages, full colour, with over 500 images, (soft cover).

The history spans the story of Acheron fron its Aboriginal beginnings, through periods of squatting and selection and on into the 21st century as Acheron continues to change and adapt.

This book was written to commemorate the centenary in 2014 of the Acheron Mechanics' Institute Inc. (Acheron Community Hall), originally known as Acheron Mechanics' Institute and Free Library.

It has been comprehensively researched and written for the Acheron Community Hall by the ACH History Sub-committee and has been completed through the dedication and leadership of Elaine Furniss and Andrea Turner with very generous contributations from many current and former Acheron residents, their families, friends and others.


Acheron: a History of the District
The contents of the book are as follows



1. Our Place

2. Dreams and disasters

3. Plans and Possibilities:

   Early Exploration
   Naming of Acheron
   Squatting Runs
   Victorian Lands Act

4. Gold!

5-1. Acheron Selectors Intro




5-2. Early landholders:


6. Floods and fires

7. Trials and tribulations

8. Getting there…and back

9. Gold to gourmet

10. Community and care:
   Mechanics Institute
   Red Cross
   Acheron PS
   Post Office
   Acheron at war
   Tourism Sport

11. Then and now... old homes still standing:
   Kelvin Grove
   Thurlby Lodge
   Subdivisions etc

12. Timeline

13. General references

This is a short history of the area around Acheron.

Acheron was origionally called Upper Acheron (now Taggerty) and Lower Acheron. This settlement includes the land along both the eastern and western sides of the Acheron River, extending north from around Moir Lane, the area on Connelly’s Creek Road and all of the land from Mt Pleasant Road through Acheron Road and along Keens Road. This area is now one of mostly small farm holdings with a few larger, such as Gooramadda, the Dobsons’ properties and Mirrim.
Many people who now live in the area are incomers from Melbourne. Some are weekenders and there are still descendants of the original farming families who have worked the land for generations. The Dobson, McColl, Dick, Wilmot, Rennie, Webster and Cumming families are examples. Descendants of the original Taungurong Aboriginal people are still living in the greater Acheron area.

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